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Zermatt has long stood one as one of the most popular Swiss Alps ski holiday destinations and over the years it has steadily become a leading resort for luxury vacations. With this growth, over time, Zermatt has become the perfect blend of old and new. There is some breathtaking charm in the traditional style of the village but hidden amongst the old wooden huts is some seriously contemporary and luxurious chalets. The man behind these luxury gems is the Zermatt based Architect, Heinz Julen. We’ve taken a closer look into his work and chalets to see what makes them so unique and a popular choice amongst our clients!

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Who Is Heinz Julen? Why Is He Based In Zermatt?

Heinz Julen is an exceptional artist, designer and architect whose roots lie strongly in Zermatt. His family have long since played an important role in Zermatt, with his father being a mountain guide and owner of a restaurant high up in the mountains at Findeln, Chez Vrony. The family were very used to seeing important clientele in the restaurant, one of which was even Heinz’ namesake. Now with Heinz Julen luxury chalets they also accommodate for them too. From construction of the properties right down to the design of the smallest piece of furniture, they are a true creation of his own imagination. It is for this reason why they are so unique and unlike any other ski chalet out there. Take a look at the luxury Heinz Julen collection below!


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Backstage Chalet

The Backstage chalet has been created from the original Valais wooden house built in the 1940s. The concept of the build was to expand the original structure by constructing two concrete additions on the east and west side and the top two floors. By doing so the artist was able to overcome the house’ greatest flaw of having its Matterhorn view being obstructed by the neighbouring house. To make the most of this, you will find the open plan living space is found on the top floor with lots of windows allowing for natural light and amazing views.

Heinz also took the desire for the best Matterhorn views one step further by creating a hydraulic hot tub that at the push of a button, the rooftop opens and the whirlpool ascends above the chalet, giving wow factor 360° panoramic views. It definitely makes this chalet one of the best chalets with a hot tub.

Key Facts

Constructed In: 2014
Size: 380m²
Sleeps: 10 -11 guests
Unique Facilities: Rooftop hot tub with 360 panoramic views.
My Favourite Feature: The Fireplace. It is built on the outside of the chalet which means it takes up no space in the lounge area but gives off a wonderful ambience. Very clever!


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Backstage Loft

In comparison to the chalet, the Backstage Loft is all about creating a feeling of a large open space within the property. The clever design of ‘house in house’ glass cube rooms means that the central part of the loft has a very light and spacious feel. Each bedroom, has unique furnishings from the Heinz collection and private en-suites. AND do not worry, the blackout curtains mean that you can get a really good night’s sleep after a long day on the slopes.

Again, the Matterhorn is a key feature in the chalet with the views being framed by the design. Luxury facilities have been incorporated throughout and include a cinema, gym, wellness and spa facilities and a large entertaining space which is created by lifting the corded dining table to ceiling height – just perfect for a party or even making it the ideal chalet for a corporate event! The whirlpool hot tub has a huge 3 x 3.5m swing door which opens the hot tub up to the garden. Who said a hot tub had be simply indoor or outdoor?

Key Facts

Constructed In: 2015
Size: 600m²
Sleeps: 10
Unique Facilities: Glass Cube Bedrooms, lifting dining table and Indoor/Outdoor hot tub.
My Favourite Feature: The 700 year old barn conversion. With the original building still intact the glass cube rooms inside mean you have the traditional charm but with all the luxury comforts. 


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The Backstage Hotel

Did you know as a guest in the Backstage Chalet or Loft, you have the added luxury of the Backstage Hotel‘s wellness facilities? Another one of Heinz’ creations, this hotel comes with luxury suites, a Michelin star restaurant, cinema and art gallery. The hotel’s wellness facilities are unlike any other. The concept is based on “the story of creation” as depicted in Genesis of the Old Testament. This wellness area has 7 exceptional spas to try. From steam rooms, salt baths and hot tubs to the more unique glass pearl bath and tropical climate room. It’s a real WOW wellness that you have to try!

If you are hoping to stay in a luxury hotel in Zermatt, make an enquiry with our sister brand, Ski In Luxury!


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Heinz Julen Loft

Heinz Julen loft sits in an elevated position high on the valley side above Zermatt, giving it breathtaking views of the village and valley. This property is based on a Manhattan Style loft which gives credit to his time in New York. His focus of the loft was reclamation and heritage to his childhood in his mountain cabin. The unique pieces of furniture have a great sense of reclamation with raw materials on show and give the loft a real unique character that is not only intriguing but fun too. Do not be surprised to find door handles made out of bent spoons and feathers adorned to his chandeliers here!

Again the glass cubes have a presence in the loft giving the much wanted feel of open space and floods of natural light.

Key Facts

Constructed In: 2000
Size: 300m²
Sleeps: 6 guests
Unique Facilities: Heinz Julen designed furnishings and upholstery.
My Favourite Feature: The chalet has a piano. This is the perfect addition for the huge open loft space. Heinz has held many events and exclusive parties here so we can see why the piano is the perfect feature to have. 


We have a lot of unique properties on our portfolio and it’s been great to have a little deeper look into the thought process behind their creation. If you are interested in staying in a luxury chalet this winter and are keen to know what makes them stand out above the rest then please get in touch. You can either call us on +44(0)1202 203653 or send an email. We look forward to hearing from you!

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