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DAHU - The Ultimate Apres Ski Boot

Friday January 6th, 2017 by Hannah Harris


What was the one thing you always wished you could change as a skier? There was always only ever one reason why I was jealous of snowboarders and no it was most definitely not the 2 feet strapped to one board scenario. It was their comfortable boots for apres of course. The way they could un-clip and comfortably spend their whole apres in their boots, not even noticing they still had them on.

I am absolutely thrilled that DAHU have found a perfect solution for us skiers. No more time spent trying to walk through the resort in our uncomfortable ski boots or attempting to dance on the table in them. Let me introduce you all to Petra who is kindly going to explain to us a little bit more about how DAHU came to life and why most importantly these are the ultimate ski boots to have in your wardrobe this season.

I am absolutely delighted someone is now marketing a comfortable and very cool looking ski boot. How did the concept of the DAHU ski boot come to life?

The story of DAHU Sports Company Ltd has started while Nicolas Frey, its founder, couldn’t find ski boots in which his girlfriend wasn’t having sore feet, even after trying high-end boots injected and molded to her feet. Disappointed not to find the right product in shops, he decided at the end of the winter 2009 to completely rethink the construction of this object, which according to him, wasn’t answering current skiers’ needs any more. He then started designing the first prototypes on paper before tinkering with them in his garage.



Where does the name DAHU come from?

The DAHU is a legendary wild creature that lives in the mountains and that has legs that are shorter on one side than on the other. Of course, it doesn’t exist, but its legend is well documented in the Swiss Alps, especially among people from the mountains who make fun of urban people who get trapped in “Dahus’ hunts”.

The choice of the name “DAHU” appeared as an obvious one as, like its counterpart with 4 legs, the DAHU boot is particularly well adapted to its natural environment, the foot.

How are the ski boots different to anything else on the market?

It is truly one of a kind ski boot. Skiing has come a long way. The expectations and limitations of skiers have changed. Yet, the overall design of ski boots has remained unchanged for the past 40 years. That’s where DAHU comes in. Nicolas Frey, the creator of this unique concept, introduced a total breakthrough with respect to traditional ski boots. DAHU ski boots combine snow boots’ comfort with outer shell performance. The result surpasses the expectations from a traditional ski boot, with greater comfort and versatility.



How are the boots tested?

Our ski boots are tested and approved by professional boot fitters and skiers. It took us 4 years of research and development before we launched the ski boot on the market in 2013.

Are the boots suitable for beginners and advanced skiers alike?

The DAHU is primarily a performance ski boot and is in line with today’s material and technique standards. Allowing technical skiing with a high degree of comfort, it is a boot for all levels, as well as for all-terrain use: walking, driving, shopping, making the most of après-ski, etc. Many advanced skiers – pro skiers, ski coaches, pro paragliders & snow kiters use them regularly and are more than satisfied!

How do they differ?

They differ in their flex and width of the toe box. There are two flexes available, medium and hard. To be more precise, the flex of womens’ models goes from 90 to 110 and the mens’ from 100 to 120. However, whilst using the boot the skier can also decide to modify the flex by changing the way the exoskeleton is closed either in the “traditional” sense with the front spoiler on the outside of exoskeleton or alternatively by putting the front spoiler inside the exoskeleton, thus increasing the rigidity by about 15%, creating a “hard flex”. As for the width of the toe box, it varies from 98 mm to 104 mm in the reference size, depending on the boot model.



Which is the most popular DAHU ski boot?

The most popular DAHU ski boots are the Monsieur ED for men and the Miss A for ladies.

The tred of the boot is moulded to clip into the shell. What happens if the sole of the boot gets worn down?

We use high quality materials with high abrasion resistance. This of course applies also to our rubber, anti-slip and vulcanized soles which never gets so much worn even with an intensive use. And anyway, if the tread would get worn, it wouldn’t affect the geometry of the liner in the exoskeleton thanks to the rail system and therefore would still fit in well.



Can someone purchase just the boot or just the outer shell separately if one of them wears out?

We are not selling the boot and the outer shell separately at this moment. But in case of need, we can of course, replace the boot or the exoskeleton. And even if we are not selling them separately today, we plan to do so within few years.

Are people able to buy a few of the outer shells if they want to swap and change in order to match their outfit?

The same answer as mentioned above applies here. Today, the customers are supposed to buy a second pair of ski boots if they want to swap exoskeletons but they should have the opportunity to buy them separately in the near future.



Does the injection process mean the boot is moulded to your feet specifically? If so please can you explain this.

Yes, it does. The injected inner shoe totally adapts to the morphology of the foot. The injection zone surrounds the heel, the Achilles tendon, the ankle and partially the sides of the foot. This, and the fact that the PU foam is medium density, provides perfect support, flexibility for walking and unequalled comfort. Our clients can customize their boot either by this injection, or by a heating system.

We think it is the ultimate apres boot but why would you say it is the ultimate ski boot?

We talk about a USP – unique selling proposition! The innovative, most comfortable and versatile boot in the world! This multi-purpose shoe can be worn in the snow or on asphalt, for walking, driving, snowshoeing, or shopping. And we are the only ones selling such a unique product on the market at this very moment in time.



How would someone go about purchasing a pair of your amazing DAHU boots?

Today, we have more than 200 resellers in 10 different countries. You can find a reseller on our website.

And if you are too far from one reseller, you can of course buy our ski boots directly on our website.

What are your plans for the future?

We are going to present new models for women & men, which will fit the morphology of feet even better. They will be launched on the market next winter i.e. season 2017/2018. Our new mens’ model, named Hades, will have a higher flex of 140 that will fully satisfy the most demanding skiers. As for the ladies, we have developed a completely new shape perfectly adapted to their morphology. Long term speaking, our goal is to keep on innovating and improving skiers’ experience.


I’d like to say a massive thank you to Petra for taking the time to talk to Ultimate Luxury Chalets and for answering all our questions. Make sure to head to the DAHU website to check out all those amazing boots. You will be the envy of all your friends and your partner will love you forever if you surprise them with a pair.

If you haven’t already booked your luxury ski holiday this year then get in touch with a member of the Ultimate Luxury team by sending us an email or calling us on +44 (0) 1202 203653.

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