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In The Heavens - Zermatt's New Luxury Chalets

Wednesday March 15th, 2017 by Gavin Buckingham

As somebody who had never been to a luxury chalet in Zermatt, I was sick of hearing about the resort. Everyone in the office had visited and experienced the resort except me. “Zermatt is my favourite Swiss resort” said Andy. “I’ve been going to Zermatt since I was a kid and go back every year, I love it” remarked Will. “The food in Zermatt is amazing, the only things better are the views” claimed Hannah. Zermatt, Zzermatt, Zzzermatt. Yawn. What could be so special about Zermatt, after all it’s just another ski resort isn’t it?

Now I hope that my girlfriend isn’t reading this but I was wrong. It doesn’t happen often and I’d never admit it to her but I was wrong. Zermatt is AWESOME. Everything about the resort meant I was like a kid in a theme park during my stay.

The View from Chalet Aconcagua, Zermatt

Firstly I had the train transfer from Zurich airport. At 3 hours and 50 minutes in duration I was expecting it to be a long and arduous grind. Instead, it was very pleasant. The Swiss Rail network is incredible and the stunning views, particularly on the last leg up from Visp, meant the journey went a lot quicker than expected. Exiting the station I felt like I was in a movie set. There were no vehicles other than the electric taxis which reminded me of Lego cars. Even the police were driving around in electric vehicles…..can you imagine how much fun a police chase in Zermatt would be??!!

Electric Police vehicle in Zermtt. Credit: Pinterest

On the main high street I saw people were walking around in their long winter jackets and going about their business in their own unique way. Some were window shopping whilst others made it beyond the front window and into the designer shops and boutiques. The hotels were impressive and a walk through the old town showed the incredible history of this mountain village. Within 5 minutes of arriving my preconceived opinion of Zermatt had already changed.

This place was special. There was an aura about the resort that was like no other resort I had ever been to. The most impressive thing about Zermatt though isn’t the narrow cobbled streets or the lack of fumes from the vehicles, it is the imposing view of the stunning Matterhorn. Around every corner you are met by one of the most jaw dropping vistas imaginable. The view of this mountain is firmly etched in my mind and is one of the greatest views that I have ever seen.

So why was I in Zermatt? I had been invited to experience the newest and arguably best luxury ski chalets in Zermatt. The 7 Heavens development is made up of 7 very high end chalets all located in a fantastic location in the heart of the resort. They sit elegantly above the river, close to the Sunnegga lift station, so are a very short stroll from the nearest ski lift. The Gornergrat mountain railway is also just a small walk from the properties so access to the ski areas is very easy.

The first thing that struck me about this impressive chalet complex is the entrance way and the shared communal foyer. Inside this foyer, clients can enjoy the communal bar, pool table or large modern and well equipped gym area. The design has been well thought out with sculptures of climbers attached to the walls to make it look like they are clinging to the very rocks that you can see outside the chalet. The large height of the complex gives it a feeling of openness and space and is a great reflection of the chalets that form this impressive complex.

Currently two of the chalets are offered for rental; Chalet Aconcagua and Chalet Elbrus. Both chalets are over 550 square metres and sit directly above the river with stunning views of the Matterhorn. On a sunny day the terrace is the best place to relax with sound of the rushing of water beneath you and the Matterhorn dominating the landscape in front of you. At night the view is equally as impressive with the twinkling of the lights in resort offering a faint shadow of the Matterhorn which points up to the clear star filled skies above.

The View from Chalet Elbrus, Zermatt

The chalets are finished to a very high standard, they are individually furnished internally and each is very unique. Chalet Aconcagua has dark tones which gives it a very modern feel. Chalet Elbrus on the other hand is decorated in light colours which help to add to the feeling of space. Both chalets have 4 guest bedrooms plus a bunk room which can sleep up to 4 people. This means that each can sleep a total of 12 people.

Chalet Elbrus, Zermatt

Both chalets have separate TV and media rooms, allowing you to keep the main living area as a place to relax. Another great place to unwind is in the wellness facilities. Each chalet has its own wellness area where you can bubble away in the indoor hot tub or drift off to sleep on the adjoining loungers.

Chalet Aconcagua, Zermatt

The main thing that stood out to me about the chalets was the service. These chalets are run by one of the most luxurious chalet operators. Nothing was too much trouble and the chalets were immaculate. Acqua di Parma toiletries exude a high level of luxury. The service in the chalets is very much designed around you. Unlike other chalets where you pay a price upfront and then get served meals to a certain budget, in Chalet Elbrus and Chalet Aconcagua you pay food the food and drink that you consume. This gives you total flexibility. If you want fine wines and caviar then you can do without having to stay within a pre-determined budget. If on the other hand you dine in one of the fantastic restaurants on the mountain in Zermatt such as the Findlerhof or Chez Vrony and then just fancy a light meal in the evening then again the chef can work around you to offer you a completely personalised menu.

After staying in these incredible chalets, some fantastic skiing, awesome food both in the chalet and on the mountain it was time for me to leave Zermatt. My opinion on this resort had completely changed. The longer than usual journey to the resort was definitely worth it. It is like no other resort I have ever been to. There is a certain ambiance about the resort. Everything feels well thought out. The mountain air is crisp without the pollution of vehicles and the views are simply stunning.

Luxury chalets in Zermatt rival the best ski chalets in Europe including Chalet Zermatt Peak, Chalet Grace and Chalet White Pearl to name but a few. Chalet Elbrus and Chalet Aconcagua are both great additions to these.

If you are looking for a luxury chalet in Zermatt then feel free to get in touch. You can call us on +44 1202 203 653 or you can send us an email. I have no doubt that you will love Zermatt as much as I did.

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